Friday, May 22, 2009

laptop meets muffintop

there is no relation whatsoever between the two main words in the title, it just sounded so darn funny, i had to use it! LOL (i crack myself up)

today i got my new laptop. i'm actually giddy with excitement while writing this. imagine all the entries i can make for TummyTalk, anywhere i go, at any time?? the independence and freedom is absolutely delicious! it's a DELL Studio 1550 model with a customized skin and it is beeeeeeeaaaaauuuttttiiiiiffffuuuuuulll. throw in a few snazzy gadgets in there and i am in laptop heaven. it's lighter than most laptops but its display is clear enough to do justice to my artwork and that is what i needed. and of course, it has to be a PC (no one argue!!!).

but one of the things i'm excited about is i can finally get back to work on TummyTalk. i have neglected it for far too long and finally, i am at it again and back with a vengeance. TummyTalk is going to get vamped up so much, you'll be eating the screens after you've seen it! i'm planning on adding an advice column with first-hand advice from a Red Seal Chef, a month-long article about the culinary industry such as hotels and restaurants, and maybe even finally take advantage of all that Google WordSense has to offer. it may be a little ambitious... but the truth is, TummyTalk is my baby and i want to see her grow up to be the best she could be, to her full potential. she can do so much.

so now i have Seaski, my new laptop, to help out TummyTalk reach that goal. Why Seaski? because the design on my cover is an abstract painting of how sea meets sky. it's symbolic for how technology meets passion, laptop meets food. i foresee great things happening with Seaski and TummyTalk. a muffintop might actually mean progress.:)

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