Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm a waif!

i made an interesting discovery today. i'm a waif!

everywhere i go, i have a pedometer on my person, usually on my hip or in my pocket. this measures how many steps i've made and the equivalent number of calories i lost. there are 3 buttons on my pedometer: one for steps, which you can toggle to check your calories, the 2nd one is weight in pounds, which reflects your current weight and should be changed every 2 weeks at least if you've been losing weight, and the last is the reset button, to reset your steps for the next day. i try to walk at least 10000 steps a day (equivalent to 5 miles) and this usually makes me lose 300 calories (about the size of a medium-sized fries.). it's just my way of staying fit.

so i was surprised that, for the past few weeks, i had been walking 11000+ steps, yet only losing approximately 100 calories. that was just impossible. i cant have just made all those steps and not exerted some sort of effort or broken a sweat, which i always did. and that's when i noticed. my weight was only 50 LBS!!! i dont know how it happened, somehow it must have changed after having dropped it several times and i never cared to check. no wonder i wasn't losing the right amount of calories. my body was probably thinking i was over-exerting myself with all the exercise when i'm only at 50lbs! so, now i have set it at my recent weight and i am now losing the correct amount of calories.

imagine, me at 50lbs?!?! that would certainly make for a ghastly sight.:S

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